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Our model is a great fit for any facility.


• Vested physicians lead to accountability, engagement, and patient satisfaction.

Independent and Self Sufficient

• BPA is self-sufficient and does not require stipends to operate.

Physician Leaders and Collaboration

         • Engage with hospital and medical staff. We are hospital presidents, committee chairs/members, medical directors, EMS directors, and czars efficiently managing operating room. 

Qualified Practitioners

• Employ qualified physicians and advanced-level practitioners. Our model permits high compensation to attract and recruit the best candidates. Providers seek us to join our team. 

Dedicated Quality Department

• Our internal quality department interactively collaborates with hospital quality departments to meet all hospital and government metrics. We provide efficient quality care. 

As a fast-growing business, BPA is always interested in interviewing for full- and part-time CRNAs and AAs for the Anesthesiology Division, as well as PAs and ARNPs for our Emergency Division 

CRNA/AA resumes should be sent to: efitzsimmons@bpadocs.com

PA/ARNP resumes should be forwarded to: lhelft@bpadocs.com

BPA Scribes aid in the optimization of healthcare delivery and in meeting clinical data standards. The scribe's primary role is to collaborate with the Emergency Department provider to ensure all in-room documentation is captured, carry out requests for additional information from the provider, and assist in preparing patients to be discharged.

Here at BPA, we currently offer three-position types within our Scribe Program. Contact us today to learn more about our Scribe Program opportunities! 

Future Scribes' resumes should be forwarded to: koreilly@bpadocs.com

Why Work @ BPA

Friendly Environment

All of our divisions provide a friendly work environment where people and their work preferences are accommodated wherever possible.

Continued Education

Our company offers opportunities for people to expand their knowledge base and skills.

Flexible Hours

We pride ourselves on working with our staff to accommodate their work-life balance needs.

Competitive Pay

While pay scales vary by position, we offer market competitive pay with highly attractive benefits packages to all of our employees.


BPA is a physician owned and operated community based group of more than 150 physicians and advanced level practitioners formed in October, 2013.