"Excellence in Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine and Radiology, including Interventional Radiology"

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(an·es·the·si·ol·o·gy) - the branch of medicine concerned with anesthesia and anesthetics...

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Emergency Medicine

(the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of unforeseen illness or injury- encompassing a unique body of knowledge.

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(ra·di·ol·o·gy) the science dealing with X-rays and other high-energy radiation, especially the use of such radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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Interventional Radiology

BPA Interventional Radiologists help you avoid surgery by offering innovative treatments for chronic conditions.

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Our Support Staff

At Brevard Physician Associates, each sector of our services has a highly skilled support staff who are specially trained to help you feel better and get better!

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21 Mar

Billing Contact Information

Billing Contact Phone: 321-821-2647

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10 Jan

BPA Anesthesia Division scores in top 10% nationwide for patient experience

BPA Anesthesia Division scored in the top 10% of anesthesiologists nationwide for the experience we delivered to our patients in the fourth quarter of 2017.  According to Survey Vitals, I

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13 Feb

Ear Infections in Adults and Children

What is an ear infection? An ear infection is a condition that can cause pain in the ear, fever, and trouble hearing.

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06 Oct

The Anesthesia Care Team (ACT) by JC Lydon, MD

This being my inaugural blog entry,I would like to explain how your anesthetic care is delivered when you present to one of our facilities for your surgery or procedure.

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02 Oct

BPA Physicians and Advanced Level Practitioners Serve Our Country

In addition to providing for the medical care needs of our community, a number of BPA physicians and advanced level practitioners also work to serve our country.  

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12 Aug

Our New Offices

We have moved to:

1775 W. Hibiscus Blvd.  Suite 215

Melbourne, FL  32901


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22 Mar

BPA Physicians on a Mission to Provide Humanitarian Care

In addition to working long hours to provide medical services to our community, including a significant amount of charity care right here in Brevard County, many BPA physicians devote the

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BPA is a physician owned and operated community based group of more than 150 physicians and advanced level practitioners formed in October, 2013.