Interventional Radiologist Dr. Lisa Rubenstein Patient Testimonial

My mom was a patient of Dr. Lisa Rubenstein for a number of years while she underwent numerous chemotherapy embolizations to destroy liver tumors which kept reoccurring.  Dr. Rubenstein was recommended to us by mom's oncologist, and we were so fortunate to have found her.  Dr. Rubenstein is always kind, generous of spirit, and a consummate professional.  You feel as if you have always known her from the moment you meet her and she quickly becomes part of your trusted circle.  Her tremendous skill and expertise are always coupled with kindness, empathy, encouragement and a gentle approach to patients and families that helped my mom through the difficulties associated with cancer treatment and helped me to cope with very difficult times.  She was always there for mom and for me, spending whatever time it took to help us get through the challenges.  Mom used to call Dr. Rubenstein "my angel", and I know that it  was her efforts that allowed mom to live longer and better.  I will always be grateful that Dr. Rubenstein came into our lives.  She is very special - THE BEST. 




Mary Anne Suttles

Jackson, New Jersey